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Stephen F. Schneck

Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies
Suite 300, Maloney Hall
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064
 (202) 319-5999 office
Acting Dean
School of Social Work
102 Shahan Hall
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064
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2012-                Acting Dean, National Catholic School of Social Service, The Catholic University of America
2005-               Director, Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, The Catholic University of America
1995-2007        Chair, Department of Politics, Catholic University of America
1990-1994        Faculty Representative, Board of Trustees, Catholic University
1990-1992         Chair, Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee, CUA
1988                 Acting Undergraduate Dean, Arts & Sciences, Catholic University
1990-                Associate Professor, Catholic University of America
1992                 Visiting Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Government, University of Virginia
1991                  Visiting Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Government, University of Maryland
1984                 Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, Department of Government
1981                  M.A. University of Notre Dame, Department of Government
1976                 B.A. Rockhurst University, Political Science & Philosophy
Awards & Honors:
2005                 Fellow, Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies
2002                 Bruno Damiani Teacher of the Year, Catholic University
1997                 James Dornan Memorial Teacher of the Year, Catholic University
1995                 Alpha Delta Gamma Teaching Award, Catholic University
1991                  Provost Award for Outstanding Teaching, Catholic University
1989                 James Dornan Memorial Teacher of the Year, Catholic University
1983                 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, Research Fellowship
German (fluent), Latin (basic),
Recent Public Lectures:
October 22, 2012 “American Catholic Citizenship 2012,” Edward Mooney Memorial Lecture, Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut
September 27, 2012 “The Common Good and American Politics,” Upper Room Lecture, College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, New York
March 23, 2012 “Politics in the Pews: Your Faith, Your Vote, and the 2010 Election,” Romero Lecture, Romero Center, Camden, New Jersey
September 6, 2011 “Faithful Citizenship I: Voters, Bishops and Presidential Elections,” with Robbie George and John Carr, The Fordham Center on Religion and Culture, Fordham University, New York, New York
March 14, 2009 “Catholic Americanism,” Conference on Catholicism in America, Eichstätt
Universität, Eichstätt Bavaria), Germany
Recent Professional Research Presentations:
September 14, 2009 “Plural Society in the United States,” Studium Generale Marcianum, Venice, Italy
June 4, 2007 “Democracy & the Priority of Political Ethics,” Keynote Address, Conference on Political Ethics, Institute of Politology, St. Petersburg, Russia
May 17, 2006 “Thin Cosmopolis? Critique and Reflections on Global Civil Society,” FONDACA, Rome, Italy
January 8, 2006 “Walt Whitman and the Poetry of Vox Populi,” Regents College, Oxford University, United Kingdom, September 1, 2005
“Suffering and the Phenomenology of Subjectivity: Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit
and Camus’ The Plague” 2005 Annual Meeting, American Political Science Association Conference, Washington, DC
June 27, 2005 “Religion und die amerikanische Verfassung,” Eichstätt Universität, Eichstätt,
Bavaria, Germany
Letting Be: Fred Dallmayr’s Cosmopolitical Vision. Editor. (Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press, 2006)
Max Scheler's Acting Persons: New Perspectives. Editor. (Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, 2002)
Italy in Transition: The Long Road from the First to the Second Republic. Co-Edited (with Ambassador Paolo Janni) with Introduction. (Washington, D. C.: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 1998)
Person & Polis: Max Scheler's Personalism as Political Theory. (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 1988)
Journal Articles:
“Religion and the American Framing,” Journal of Dharma (Spring 2007)
“Kalaki da Sopeli,” (“City and Village”) Chveni Mtserloba [in Georgian](Spring 2006)
“The End of History and the Human Sciences,” International Journal of Philosophy (Summer 1997)
“New Readings of Tocqueville's America,” Polity (Fall 1993)
“Habits of the Head: Tocqueville's America,” Political Theory (Fall 1990)
“William Connolly's Post-Modern Liberalism,” The Review of Politics (Spring 1989)
“Michel Foucault on power/discourse, theory and practice,” Human Studies (Summer 1987)
Book Chapters:
“The Body Politic,” Encyclopedia of Political Thought, ed. Michael Gibbons (New York: Wiley-Blackwell, in press)
“Fred Dallmayr,” Encyclopedia of Political Thought, op. cit.
“Max Scheler’s Social Person,” Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences, ed. Byron Kaldis (New York: SAGE, 2013)
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“La società plurale: una prospettiva americana,” in Pensare la società plurale , ed. G. Richi Alberti
(Venice: Marcianum Press, 2010)
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“A Question of Space: Hanna Arendt & Max Scheler on the Person's Place,” in Max Scheler's Acting Persons, op cit.
“Introduction,” in Max Scheler’s Acting Persons, op. cit.
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University Press of America, 1991)
“Alfred Schutz and the Study of Politics,” in Worldly Phenomenology, edited by Lester Embree
(Washington, DC: UPA, 1988)
Reviews and Similar Pieces:
“Waldemar Gurian: Rediscovered,” review of Ellen Thümmler’s Katholischer Publizist und amerikanischer Politikwissenschaftler: Eine intellektuelle Biografie Waldemar Gurians in Review of Politics, Fall 2012
“Jürgen Habermas’s The Divided West,” in Review of Politics , Fall 2009
“Glenn Tinder’s Liberty: Rethinking an Imperiled Ideal,” in Journal of Church and State, Summer 2009
“Andrew M. Koch’s Knowledge and Social Construction,” in Perspectives on Politics , March 2006
“Char Roone Miller's Taylored Citizenship,” in American Political Science Review, Fall 2002
Francis Fukuyama's Great Disruption,” in Review of Metaphysics, May 2000
“Free Takes: Reinhardt's Tocqueville, Marx, and Arendt,” in Theory & Event, May, 1999
“Rousseau at the Millennium: Orwin & Tarcov's The Legacy of Rousseau,” in Review of Metaphysics, May 1998
“Sojourning in Syracuse: Roger Boesche's Theories of Tyranny: From Plato to Arendt,” Review of
Metaphysics, December 1996
“The Secret Utopia in Reason: Rolf Wiggershaus's The Frankfurt School: Its History and Significance,” in The Review of Politics, Winter 1996
“Arnold Gehlen's Man,” in New Vico Studies, Vol. 7, 1989
“Peter Sederberg's Politics of Meaning,” in American Political Science Review, December
“Leszek Nowak's Property and Power,” in American Political Science Review, December 1984
Non-Academic Publications:
Several 2012 videos on Catholics and politics for PBS, EWTN, and similar in regards to the presidential campaign. See collection of links at:
“Remembering Dean Hoge,” Seminary Journal, Winter 2009
“The Common Good: Policy Prescriptions for 2008,” in Origins, Nov. 29, 2007
Appearances and analysis on religion and the American framing and founding, in Newt Gingrich’s documentary production for PBS broadcast and DVD, Rediscovering God in America: Reflections on the Role of Faith in Our Nation’s History (November 2007)
“Introduction to the Theme,” Seminary Journal (Winter 2007)
Many op-ed and other opinion pieces in newspapers, magazines, and websites on topics of Catholicism and contemporary politics and public policy.  Full listing available by request.