The Catholic University of America


Graduate Student Scholarship and Impact

CUA graduate students in Politics are making a strong impact in scholarship, public engagement, and teaching. Their work spans a variety of philosophical and methodological perspectives. Below you will find selected references to their recent work.


Fall 2017: Gregory Collins' article, "The Forgotten Market Liberal?: The Consistency in Edmund Burke's Thought and Action on the Question of Commercial Intercourse in the Eighteenth Century" will be published in The Review of Politics in Fall 2017.


2017: Gregory Collins' article "Beyond Politics and Natural Law: The Anticipation of New Originalist Tenets in Frederick Douglass' Constitutional Theory" will be published in American Political Thought in 2017.


Summer 2016: Enrique Pallares published an essay entitled "St. Augustine’s Confessio: The Ethico Ontological Ground of Logos" in the journal Ramify.


February 2016: Shaun Rieley published an essay on The Imaginative Conservative website on the use and abuse of rationalism in political philosophy and American Politics.


November 2015: David Sollenberger, Stan Molchanov, Luke Sheahan, and Greg Collins presented academic papers at the 47th Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Political Science Association.


September 2015: Eduardo Schmidt Passos presented an academic paper on a Voegelin Society panel at the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association.


Summer 2015: Greg Collins' review of Lisa Herzog's Inventing the Market: Smith, Hegel, and Political Theory was published in Volume 46 of the Owl of Minerva, the academic journal in America dedicated to the study of Hegel.


June 2015:


May 2014: Daniel Petri published an essay in Time magazine on the role of Pope Francis in the Middle East and international politics.


April 2014: Lucie Adamski, Emily Butler, and Sam Sprunk presented academic papers at the 68th Annual Conference of the New York Political Science Association.