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Dennis Coyle
Associate Professor, Pre-Law Advisor, and Department Chair
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley - 1988
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Dr. Coyle's teaching and research interests include constitutional law and the Supreme Court, the foundations of liberal democracy, environmental law and politics, comparative law and political culture, and generally the interplay of institutions, culture, and values in law and policy. He is the author of Property Rights and the Constitution and co-editor of Politics, Policy, and Culture. His articles have appeared in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Catholic University Law Review, The Public Interest, and several edited volumes and reviews. He is a fellow with the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at CUA and an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, and serves on the Academic Review Committee of the Institute for Humane Studies. He has also held visiting appointments at AEI, the Center for Study of Public Choice, the Social Philosophy and Policy Center, and the Euro-American program of Sciences Po Paris.
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. The University of Michigan - 1986
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Dr. Henderson is the author of Managing the Presidency: The Eisenhower Legacy-From Kennedy to Reagan (Transforming American Politics), and editor of The Presidency Then and Now. He is currently writing Twelve Leaders Who Made a Difference - a comparative study of U.S. political leaders who had a profound impact on the institutions in which they served. He has published articles and book chapters in Perspectives on Political Science, Presidential Studies Quarterly, The Political Science Reviewer, The Executive Office of the President, and The Presidency and National Security Policy. Teaching interests include: U.S. political leadership since 1789, executive branch policymaking, the U.S. presidency, and American national institutions.

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John A. Kromkowski
Associate Professor
Ph.D. The University of Notre Dame - 1972
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Dr. Kromkowski is the director of the CUA McLean Center for the Study of Culture and Values. He has written and edited various publications in the field of urban and ethnic politics, including his award-winning study Neighborhood Deterioration and Juvenile Crime and the annual editions series Race and Ethnic Relations. Dr. Kromkowski offers courses in the fields of urban government and politics, ethnic politics, and comparative urbanism. Presently, he directs the department's Washington area internship programs. He also is the current president of the National Center for Urban and Ethnic Affairs. 

James P. O'Leary
Associate Professor
Ph.D. The Johns Hopkins University - 1976
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Dr. O'Leary's teaching and publications have focused on political economy, comparative political development, and American foreign policy. His current research interest is the political economy of capitalist development in Chile, India, and the Peoples Republic of China. Dr. O'Leary has recently published a chapter, "Third World Developmentalism," in Modern Capitalism, and has published a textbook, Power, Principles and Interests.

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Ph.D. Louisiana State University - 1974
Dr. Ryn's areas of research and teaching include the history of Western political thought, ethics and politics, politics and the imagination, historicism, the theory of knowledge, conservatism, American political thought, and constitutionalism. He has taught also at the University of Virginia, Georgetown University, and Louisiana State University. The recipient of many awards and grants, Professor Ryn was named Outstanding Graduate Professor by the CUA Graduate Student Association in 1992. In 2011 he received the CUA faculty award for Distinguished Achievement in Research. His many books include A Common Human Ground, America the Virtuous, Will, Imagination and Reason, and Democracy and the Ethical Life. He has published and lectured widely on both sides of the Atlantic and in China. In 2000 he gave the Distinguished Foreign Scholar Lectures at Beijing University, which published this series as a book, Unity Through Diversity (in Chinese translation). Three of Ryn's books and many of his other writings have appeared in Chinese translation. In 2012 Beijing Normal University named him Honorary Professor. Ryn is editor of Humanitas and chairman of the National Humanities Institute (NHI). He served as president of the Philadelphia Society and is President of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters. He was chairman of the Department from 1979 to 1985.

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Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Harvard University - 1967

Dr. Urban is the author of Moscow and the Italian Communist Party (winner of the American Historical Association's Marraro Prize in 1986) and Russia's Communists at the Crossroads (a Choice selection as "Outstanding Academic Book" in 1997). She has also edited/coauthored several collective volumes and published numerous articles and chapters on international communist affairs and post-Soviet Russian politics. Her research has been funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Ford Foundation, United States Institute of Peace, National Council for East European and Eurasian Research, and other institutions. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, she has made semi-annual visits to Russia for research and interviews. She is a research associate of George Washington University's Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies and has been a visiting scholar in Moscow at the scholar in Moscow at the Institute of Scientific Information on the Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Her current teaching interests include Russian politics under Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin, Cold War history, and comparative governments of West and East-Central Europe.

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Ph.D. The University of Connecticut - 1980

Professor White has written extensively about the American party system and the U.S. presidency. Professor White's newest book, Barack Obama's America: How New Conceptions of Race, Family, and Religion Ended the Reagan Era, explores the important role demography plays in determining our collective political futures and why Obama's victory in 2008 signals the onset of an electoral landscape that is more favorable to the Democratic party. He also authored The Values Divide: American Politics and Culture in Transition, which examines how values play an important role in motivating people to vote and, in the process, have contributed to significant changes within the Democratic and Republican party coalitions. Professor White is also the author of The Fractured Electorate, The New Politics of Old Values, and Still Seeing Red, and he has co-edited several works including Governing New York State, Challenges to Party Government, The Politics of Ideas, and The Collapse of the Old Order: Political Parties in a Post-Industrial World.

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