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Dorle Hellmuth – Associate Professor


Dr. Hellmuth is an associate professor of politics and serves as the academic director of the department’s parliamentary internship programs in Europe. Her book, Counterterrorism and the State, (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015), analyses post-911 counterterrorism decision-making and responses in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, and France. She has published and co-published articles in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Journal for Deradicalization, German Politics, Democracy and Security, and The Nonproliferation Review. Her publications also include policy papers published by the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) in Washington, D.C. where she is a Non-Resident Fellow.

Professor Hellmuth’s research and teaching covers world politics, particularly the study of transatlantic counterterrorism and counterradicalization, European politics, U.S.homeland security, general comparative politics, and U.S. foreign policy.

Dr. Hellmuth has held appointments as Assistant Professor at American University’s School of International Service, and as a Research Fellow at the National War College, National Defense University. She has been awarded fellowships and grants from the Earhart Foundation, the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy, the Embassy of France, and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). 

Name teaching



Research, Writing, Presentations, and Media


Counterterrorism and the State: Western Responses to 9/11. University of Pennsylvania Press, October 2015.


Select Articles and Chapters in Edited Volumes

"More Similar Than Different: Of Checks, Balances, and German and American Government Responses to International Terrorism," German Politics (May 2018).

"Counter-terrorism," in Hugo Meijer and Marco Wyss, eds., The Handbook of European Defence Policies and Armed Forces (London:  Oxford University Press, July 2018).

"Trust and Mistrust within NATO," in Matthew Green and Andrew Yeo, eds., Living in an Age of Mistrust  (London:  Routledge Press, 2017).

"Face Au Terrorisme Jihadiste," Alternatives Economiques (with Centre de Recherches Internationales (CERI) de Sciences Po), no. 110, January 2017.

"U.S. Deradicalization Needs Trump Simplistic Approaches to Jihadi Dilemmas," AICGS Blog Post (December 2016).

“Countering Jihadi Prison Radicalization in Germany and the United States,” American Institute of Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) Transatlantic Perspectives (June 2016).

Of Alienation, Association, and Adventure: Why German Fighters Join ISIL,” Journal for Deradicalization (April 2016).

Countering Jihadi Terrorists and Radicals the French Way,” Studies in Conflict and Terrorism (December 2015).

Countering Jihadi Radicals and Foreign Fighters in the United States and France: Très Similaire!” Journal for Deradicalization (October 2015).

“Countering Islamist Radicalization in Germany,” Combating Terrorism Center Sentinel (at West Point), volume 6, issue 1 (January 2013).


Select Presentations

"Treason and Terror:  Gunpowder, Plots, and Macbeth," Catholic University of America, April 2017.

"Transatlantic Security and Counterterrorism," U.S. Dept.of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), April 2017.

"Reflecting on U.S. and French Responses to Jihadi Terrorism:  From 9/11 to ISIL," Keynote Speaker for Colloquium on Global Governance Lecture Series, University of Delaware, March 2016.

“Counterradicalization a la France,” Panel Discussion on “Understanding the Threat to the United States and Europe from Returning Jihadists,” The National Capital Area Political Science Association and The George Washington University, April 2015.

“The French Response to the 2015 Paris Attacks,” ‘Who is Charlie?’ Roundtable Discussion on Freedom of Expression, Democracy, Faith, and Violence, The Catholic University of America, February 2015.

“Transatlantic Security and Defense: A U.S. Perspective,” Luncheon Keynote Speech, U.S. Department of State, June 2014.

“Spying Among Allies: Implications for Transatlantic Cooperation,” Institute for Cultural Diplomacy’s Washington D.C. Summit on Cross Continental Cooperation, November 2013.

“The Impact of Counterterrorism Policies and Strategies on the Transatlantic Partnership,” Panelist, U.S. Department of State, November 2012.


Honors and Appointments

Winner of the Best Paper by Female Political Scientist Award at the 2015 Northeastern Political Science Association annual conference in Philadelphia.

Northeastern Political Science Association/Pi Sigma Alpha Award for best paper of the 2014 NPSA annual conference in Boston.

Associate Professor, Department of Politics, The Catholic University of America, 2017 - present.

Fellow, German Institute on Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies (GIRDS), 2015 - present.

Non-Resident Fellow, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at Johns Hopkins University, 2011 - present.

Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, The Catholic University of America, 2011 - 2017.




Office: 422D Law School
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20064

Phone: 202-319-4189




  • POL 112 – Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POL 202– European Politics
  • POL 437– Countering Terrorists and Radicals
  • POL 412A– Homeland Security
  • POL 454- Comparative Foreign Policy
  • POL 534- Transatlantic Security
  • POL 607- Graduate Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POL 664 - Transatlantic Security


The Catholic University of America, Ph.D. 2009


Areas of Expertise

  • Counterterrorism (Europe, US, Transatlantic)
  • European Politics, NATO
  • Nuclear Proliferation
  • U.S. Foreign Policy