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The Politics Faculty

The politics faculty at Catholic University approach the study of politics from a range of diverse yet complementary perspectives. Highly regarded both in the classroom and in their research, our professors are deeply committed to liberal arts education, the advancement of knowledge, and the success of their students.

Full-time Faculty


Jonathan Askonas
International relations, foreign policy, Russia, national security, technology and war


Dennis Coyle, Chair
Constitutionlism, liberalism and political culture, social theory and Catholic social thought, Supreme Court

Intelligence studies, CIA history, accountability of intelligence



Matthew Green
American political institutions, 
U.S. elections, 
political leadership


Jakub Grygiel
International relations, grand strategy, alliance politics, Europe 


 Dorle Hellmuth
European politics, counter-terrorism, foreign policy, homeland security

Justin Litke 
American political thought, history of political theory,  US exceptionalism, foreign policy


 Maryann Cusimano Love
International relations, peacebuilding, religious freedom



Claes G. Ryn
Western political thought, ethics and politics, historicism, politics and the imagination


David Walsh
Political theory, liberal democracy, philosophical revolution of modern world


John Kenneth White
The American party system and the U.S. presidency, values and voting



Andrew Yeo
International relations and comparative politics, social movements, East Asia


Emeritus and Part-time Faculty


Wallace J. Thies
International politics, military strategy, the Atlantic Alliance,foreign policy


Diana Rich
Director of Capitol Hill Programs 




James Quirk
International relations, comparative politics, global political economy




Lee Edwards
American conservatism, political leadership, politics of the 60s




Photo Unavailable 




Joan Barth Urban
Contemporary Russian politics, Cold War history, comparative governments










Faculty on Sabbatical


Phillip Henderson
The U.S. Presidency, political leadership, U.S.  national institutions


John A. Kromkowski
Urban and ethnic politics, director of Washington area internships