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                                                   CLAES G. RYN
                                                 Curriculum vitae
Department of Politics
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Professor of Politics, Department of Politics, The Catholic University of America (C.U.A.), 1982 to the present.

Adjunct Professor of Government, Georgetown University, 2002 to 2006.

Associate Professor of Politics, C.U.A., 1978-82.

Visiting Associate Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs, the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1981.

Assistant Professor of Politics, C.U.A., 1974-78.

Directed many Ph.D. dissertations at C.U.A., a number of which have been published as books.

Taught also at Uppsala University (Sweden), and Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.



Ethics and politics; politics and the imagination; the historical sense; the epistemology of the social sciences and humanities; the history of Western political thought; modernity; the theory of democracy and constitutionalism; American political thought; the ideology of Neo-Jacobinism; conservatism; liberalism; individualism and community; Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Irving Babbitt; Benedetto Croce.


Member, Press Committee of the Catholic University of America Press, Office of the Provost, C.U.A., 1996 to 2003, 2007-2008.

Member, Grant-in Aid Selection Committee, Office of the Associate Provost, C.U.A., 1992 to present.

Member, Graduate Committee, Department of Politics, C.U.A., 1979 to present.

Chairman, Department of Politics, C.U.A., 1979-1985; served two three-year terms.  At the end of Ryn's tenure the Department had a permanent faculty of 16 and 15-20 adjunct faculty and lecturers.  The Department enrolled 125 graduate students, including 50 in the Ph.D. program, and about 300 undergraduate majors.  Ryn obtained a number of foundation grants supporting visiting scholars, conferences, research, graduate study, and outreach.

Member, Undergraduate Committee, Department of Politics, C.U.A., 1975-85.

Assistant Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, C.U.A., 1977-79.

Member, Dean's Committee on Goals and Objectives of The School of Arts and Sciences, 1977-78; Committee on Academic Freedom of the University Senate, 1976-77; Search Committee for Dean of the School of Law, C.U.A, 1978-79.

Undergraduate Coordinator (director), Department of Politics, C.U.A., 1975-78.



President, Philadelphia Society, April 2001 to 2002.  Founded in 1964, the Society promotes a deepened understanding of liberty and constitutionalism. It is a national umbrella organization for leading intellectuals, including professors, heads of foundations and think-tanks, former and present government officials, and leading journalists and professionals.  The Society has about 400 members. Membership is by election only.  The founders of the Society include Nobel Prize winners Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman.

Second Vice President, Philadelphia Society, 2000-2001.

Member, Board of Trustees, Philadelphia Society, 1999-2000.

Member, Philadelphia Society, 1989 to present.

President, Academy of Philosophy and Letters, 2007 to present. The Academy pursues a deeper understanding of the meaning, origins and development of the civilized society. It promotes exploration of moral, religious, epistemological, literary, artistic, and scientific issues, including their relation to politics and economics. Membership is by election only.

Member, Board of Directors, Academy of Philosophy and Letters, 2006 to present.

Member, Academy of Philosophy and Letters, 2006 to present.

Chairman and co-founder, National Humanities Institute, Washington, D.C., 1984 to present.  NHI is a tax-exempt public foundation that promotes basic research, publication, and teaching in the humanities, including the social sciences. The Institute publishes books and other materials, including the academic journal Humanitas, arranges conferences and lectures, and takes initiatives in research and education. Among grants received by NHI was $82,000 from the U.S. Department of Education.

Editor, Humanitas, 1992 to present. Humanitas is an interdisciplinary and international scholarly journal devoted to the philosophical renewal of the humanities. The journal is available in about 400 college and university libraries and on the internet.

Member, Board of Advisors, New World Institute, 2005 to present.

Member, Board of Directors, Studieförbundet Näringsliv och Samhälle/Washington, D.C. (Council on Enterprise and Society), 1995 to present.

Frequent lecturer, paper giver, panelist, and conference participant in the United States, Europe and China. Gave invited lectures at numerous universities and colleges, including Beijing University, Beijing Normal University, China Foreign Affairs University, Nanjing University, St. Andrews University (Scotland) Cornell University, Georgetown University, Tufts University, Mount Holyoke College, Uppsala University (Sweden), and Stockholm University (Sweden). Lectured at research institutes like The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (Utrikespolitiska institutet) in Stockholm, Sweden. Chaired panels, gave papers, and/or acted as a discussant at numerous annual meetings of the American Political Science Association.

Lectured in the Senate of the Czech Republic in Prague.

Lectured to members of parliament and staff in the Swedish Parliament (the Riksdag) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Appeared numerous times on radio and television in the United States and Europe.

Arranged/directed many scholarly conferences, lecture series, lectures, etc.

President, Konservativt Idéforum (Swedish national academic association for the study of culture and ideas), 1970-71; elected Honorary President for life.

Military service: Royal Life Company, I 4 Regiment, Linköping, Sweden, 1963; and Signal Corps, S 1 Regiment, Uppsala, Sweden, 1967-68.



Named Honorary Professor at Beijing Normal University, May 27, 2012.

Recipient of the C.U.A. Provost’s Award for most distinguished Achievement in Research at the University, 2011.

Called as Honorary Member of Heimdal at Uppsala University, Sweden’s oldest and largest student society, 2006.

Nominated for the Provost’s University-wide Award (C.U.A.) for Life-Time Achievement in Teaching and Research, 2006.

Recipient of Will Herberg Award for Outstanding Faculty Service from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute; received at its 50th Anniversary, 2003.

Named president of the Philadelphia Society, 2001.

Invited to give the Distinguished Foreign Scholar Lectures at Beijing University in May of 2000.

Named Outstanding Graduate Professor in the University by The Catholic University of America Graduate Students Association, 1992. 

Advisor to the Nobel Committee of the Swedish Academy on the Nobel Prize in Literature, 1990 to present.

Listed in WHO’S WHO in the World.

Listed in WHO'S WHO in America, national edition, since 1986.  Biography appears in other similar listings.

Earhart Foundation Faculty Sponsor, 1988 to present.

Referee/reviewer for American Political Science Review, Journal of Politics, Polity, Modern Age, and other journals, and for various university presses.

Referee/evaluator for the National Endowment for the Humanities, the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Information Agency, and other organizations.

Evaluated candidates for tenure and promotion at various universities and colleges.

Member, selection panel for the Ingersoll Prizes in Humanities and Literature for 1990.

Research grants from various Foundations.

Research award from His Majesty the King of Sweden, 1983.

Member, Editorial Board, Athenaeum, journal of the Political Science Association of Poland

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Marknadsekonomisk Tidskrift (Stockholm, Sweden), 1986-92; Modern Age, 1981 to present; and This World, 1991 to present.

Member, Richard M. Weaver Graduate Fellowship Selection Committee, 1979 to the present.

Member, Henry Salvatori Doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee, 1986 to present.

Richard M. Weaver Graduate Fellow, 1973-74.

Honorary Fellow of the American-Scandinavian Foundation, 1971-75.

Doctoral Fellow, Uppsala University (Sweden), 1970-73.

Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1968-69.



Ph.D. in Political Science and Philosophy (minor field), Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, 1974. Dissertation nominated for The American Political Science Association's award for the best dissertation of the year in political theory.

Doctoral work in Political Science, Uppsala University, Sweden, 1969-71 (1971-74).

Graduate work in Political Science and Philosophy, Maxwell School, Syracuse University, 1968-69.

Fil.kand. in Political Science (4 "betyg"; equivalent of Master’s competence), and Economics (2 "betyg"), Uppsala University, Sweden, 1967. Thesis in Political Science on the new intellectual conservatism in the United States; thesis in Economics on criticisms of the economics of John Maynard Keynes.

Latin Gymnasium, Norrköpings Högre Allmänna Läroverk, Sweden, 1959-63.

Languages:  English, Swedish, German, French, Latin, and Italian.


Born in Norrköping, Sweden, 1943.

Married to Marianne C. Ryn; three daughters: Charlotte, Viveka and Elisabet.




Member, Vestry, St. Francis Episcopal Church, Potomac, MD, 1986-88.



Books, monographs:

A DESPERATE MAN (Washington, D.C.: Athena Books, 2014).

THE NEW JACOBINISM: AMERICA AS REVOLUTIONARY STATE. Second edition of 1991 original, With a Major New Afterword (52 pages) by the Author. Bowie, MD: National Humanities Institute, 2011. Sole author.

PETER VIERECK AND CONSERVATISM. Sole author. In Peter Viereck and Claes G. Ryn, CONSERVATISM REVISITED: THE REVOLT AGAINST IDEOLOGY, two monographs in the same volume (New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 2005). Sole author.

AMERICA THE VIRTUOUS: THE CRISIS OF DEMOCRACY AND THE QUEST FOR EMPIRE.  New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 2003. Sole author. Book also published in Chinese translation by Peking University Press, 2007, and Horizon Media in Shanghai, 2008. (Distribution of the book by Beijing University Press was blocked by the Chinese government.) Sole author.

A COMMON HUMAN GROUND: UNIVERSALITY AND PARTICULARITY IN A MULTICULTURAL WORLD.  Columbia and London: University of Missouri Press, 2003. Sole author.

HUMANITAS: RETHINKING IT ALL (in Chinese). Beijing: San Lian, 2003. Consulting editor, joint author.

UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY: ON CULTIVATING HUMANITY’S HIGHEST GROUND (in Chinese translation).  Beijing: Peking University Press, 2001.  Sole author.

Benedetto Croce, HISTORY AS THE STORY OF LIBERTY. Indianapolis, Indiana: Liberty Fund, 2000. Editor, author of Foreword.

WILL, IMAGINATION AND REASON: BABBITT, CROCE AND THE PROBLEM OF REALITY. Second revised edition, with a Major New Introduction by the Author.  New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 1997. Sole author.

Irving Babbitt, CHARACTER AND CULTURE: ESSAYS ON EAST AND WEST.  With a Bibliography of Babbitt's Writings and an Index to his Collected Works.  New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 1995.  Editor, author of critical introduction (42 p.).

THE NEW JACOBINISM: CAN DEMOCRACY SURVIVE?  Washington, D.C.: National Humanities Institute, 1991. Sole author.

Irving Babbitt, ROUSSEAU AND ROMANTICISM.  New Brunswick, N.J:  Transaction Publishers, 1991.  Editor, author of critical introduction (59 p.).

DEMOCRACY AND THE ETHICAL LIFE: A PHILOSOPHY OF POLITICS AND COMMUNITY.  Second expanded edition (paperback).  Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 1990.  Sole author.

WILL, IMAGINATION AND REASON: IRVING BABBITT AND THE PROBLEM OF REALITY.  Chicago and Washington, D.C: Regnery Books, 1986.  Sole author.

INDIVIDUALISM OCH GEMENSKAP (Individualism and Community). Stockholm: Samhällsgemenskaps Förlag, 1986.  Sole author.

IRVING BABBITT IN OUR TIME.  Washington, D.C.: The Catholic  University of America Press, 1986.  Co-editor, with George Panichas, and joint author.

Folke Leander, ROMANTIK OCH MORAL (Romanticism and Morality), Festschrift edition.  Borås, Sweden: CETE Förlag, 1980. Co-editor, with Emil Uddhammar and Bo Dahlman. Author of Introduction.

DEMOCRACY AND THE ETHICAL LIFE: A PHILOSOPHY OF POLITICS AND COMMUNITY.  Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1978. Sole author.

NYKONSERVATISMEN I USA (The New Conservatism in the United States).  Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1971. Co-author with Bertil Häggman; author of six of the nine chapters.


Articles, book chapters:


"Contrasting Notions of Moral Virtue: Their Implications for Society and Government" and three other chapters In Zhang Yuan, ed., AMERICAN HUMANISM (Beijing:  Beijing Normal University, forthcoming).

"Dreaming the Impossible Dream: Society and the Power of Self-Deception." Cross-Cultural Dialogues, Beijing University, China, in press.

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